Data Obtained

Power Curve


Detect Limb Imbalance



Dr. Ed Coyle is a Professor at The University of Texas at Austin where he directs the Human Performance Lab.  In 1996 he, along with a graduate student and engineer, developed an early prototype version of the Power/Cycle.  For more than a decade, Dr. Coyle has continued to improve the design of the Power/Cycle.   During this time he has also measured maximal power in hundreds of collegiate and professional athletes and thus developed the ‘know-how’ to interpret the results of the Power/Cycle.

In 2006, Dr. Coyle received the ‘Citation Award’ from the American College of Sports Medicine which recognized him as “the foremost investigator in the field of exercise physiology that deals with athletic performance”.   Dr. Coyle has published over 150 scientific articles. 


Duriing an eight year period, Dr. Coyle has advised and performed laboratory testing on the seven time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong.




Larry Ross is a proven professional with over 20 years experience in sales and customer satisfaction at the following companies: Cisco Systems, ACS, Invesco AIM Investments, Quest Communications and MCI  .   His knowledge and expertise has positively impacted more than 50 major corporations  like AECOM, AT&T, Conoco, Phillips, Continental Airlines,Costco, Wholesale,Gates Foundation, Home Depot and Shell Oil, to name a few during his professional career.  In the financial arena, Larry managed all contracts and headed up the telecommunications teams for Invesco AIM Investments, one of the largest mutual fund companies in the nation.  Larry’s continuous education has included: The Bill Godwin Institute of Business Coaching, The George Washington School of Business, Toastmasters for public speaking and the Mandel Institute for Presentations.  

Larry lives in Austin Texas and has been married for 29 years.  His outside interests include biking, sailing and photography.